ter·ra fir·ma | /ˌterə ˈfərmə/

noun | dry land; the ground as distinct from the sea or air.

Through the two past years, we have all had to redefine what our solid ground is. The Terra Firma Festival will examine, and delve into, the renegotiation of our interpersonal and ecological roots.

The Terra Firma Festival is a platform for students at The Creative School to expand, connect, and refine their multidisciplinary skills; then present their work to the arts industry and broader community.

The festival will run May 19-21. Tickets will be available on April 27th via our website. 

Made Possible By

Terra Firma Festival Team:

Producer: Olivia Seward

Producer: Yoan Mastagarkov

Associate Producer: Haylee Thompson

Accessibility Coordinator: Mairead Canning

Festival Lighting Designer: Mathilda Kane

Festival Lighting Coordinator: Sofia Di Cicco

Technical Coordinator: Tess Thomas

Crew: Adam Bromley, Michael Grdosic, Sooji Kim, Mykola Paskaruk, Aidan Shepherd, Bella Szpala