Written by Ben Yoganathan | Directed by Desmond Lazar

Diane, an animal behavior student, meets Jackson, a film student, and the two of them agree to make it work. Hunger looks at their relationship over time as the presence of Diane’s sister — April looms over them. A play about our base desires, what it means to give into them, and what it means not to.

Insert Clown Here

Written and Directed by Kendelle Parks and Jacob Willis

INSERT CLOWN HERE is a production in which an original one-act play entitled THE VISITOR will be premiered. The play is written in a classical tone and follows a family during a long-awaited visit from an old friend. On the night of the performance, everything is ready for THE VISITOR to open, however, there is one problem; our lead actor is missing, and the only person available to fill in is a clown. For each performance, a randomly selected clown, who knows absolutely nothing about the show, will be ‘inserted’ into the play as our new lead. What could go wrong?

Morning After

Written and Directed by Katarina Fiallos

Morning After is an original work following the lives of several different women as they grapple with their relationships with hope, loss, grief, and mourning, in the aftermath of sexual assault. It explores the non-linear journey of healing as they question their validity in the world.

I and You

Written by Lauren Gunderson | Directed by 郝邦宇 (Steven) Hao

Housebound because of illness, Caroline hasn’t been to school in months. Confined to her room, she has only Instagram and Facebook for company. That is until classmate Anthony bursts in – uninvited and armed with waffle fries, a scruffy copy of Walt Whitman’s poetry and a school project due the next day. Caroline is unimpressed all around at first but an unlikely friendship develops and a seemingly mundane piece of homework starts to reveal the pair’s hopes and dreams – as well as a deep and mysterious bond that connects them even further.

Estranged Poets

Choreographed by Zachary Bastille

Estranged Poets embodies the cross paths of people’s lives, and the miscommunication that comes with distance and separation. With a focus on dependence versus interdependence, the four dancers embark on solitary journeys where they learn to strive despite isolation, let go of those who have deserted them, and find value in the short-lived relationships that shaped their lives.


Written by Kole Durnford | Directed by Robert Morrison

Echo and Narcissus relive the story of their relationship, starting from when they first share a look in a club called the Pathless Woods. Set in a world between 2021 and Ancient Greece, Echo and Narcissus navigate what it means to be an artist, a lover and a human being in a selfish world.

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